Taber Point

This is a true underdog story.

This is a true underdog story. Bay Breeze Farm is widely known for farming the Riptide Oysters. One season, they ran out of space in their growing cages so they tossed a bunch of very young oysters on the ocean floor.

These abandoned misfits tossed and turned with the tides, quietly and naturally with no interference. Months later, the farmers discovered that not only did these oysters survive, but they have evolved into a complete different animal.

Their green tinged shells looked different, and their robust taste was complex with and sweet, earthy finish.

This is a true underdog story.

These oysters looked different, with their green tinged shell, and tasted different, with a more robust, complex and earthy taste. Grown literally feet apart from each other, these oysters had developed into a different oyster.

That is when the Taber Point Oyster began. These oysters are slow growers, taking 18 to 24 months to reach their market size of about three inches, however they are well worth the wait. Be sure to try them, side by side with the Riptide Oysters to experience what a change in growth methods can do to an oyster!

Published on
April 28, 2023
Michael King

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