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A heartfelt story of one of our Guiding Philosophies in practice.

Our product isn’t just what’s on the plate. It’s also our people and the place where we share time with Guests. A dining experience can create a spark – a moment – that extends well beyond a meal.

It was late 2023 when a trip to Disneyland brought two Guests, Sara and her daughter, Siobhan, to King’s Fish House – Orange, just five miles east of the happiest place on earth. They had a lovely time at the House That Seafood Built. So much so that Siobhan, a Kids Wish Network recipient, and her mom wanted to leave a note for the crew to share their appreciation. They included Siobhan’s story and mentioned her favorite Disney Princess in a note to the crew. This note made it to the bulletin board in the back.

That’s where Jason saw it. Jason Alamares, a crewmember who has worked with the company for over four years, was moved by the story and compelled to show further care.

Jason loves to paint and although his position at King’s Fish House doesn’t usually call upon his art degree often, he knew this was an opportunity to use it to the benefit of our Guests. Jason took personal time and painted a picture of Siobhan’s favorite Disney princess, Ariel, for her. Sara and Siobhan don’t live close; however, so, he sent it via mail to Phoenix, Ariz. and included a gift card for a return visit.

That return visit got delayed. Family emergencies and various timing complications kept their trip from happening. In December, they made it back to Orange. And Jason just happened to be working. He looked up, and there they were – along with another opportunity for a magic moment.

When he saw them, Jason felt blessed to be working that night, and he took the initiative, once again, to take their experience above and beyond. Jason rushed to the host stand to grab a kid’s menu, where he hurriedly sketched out another portrait of Ariel for Siobhan while still managing his section.

Siobhan, who has some trouble with mobility, saw Jason, rose from her seat and embraced him, expressing heartfelt thanks for his beautiful pictures. She also had to bring him up to speed about her recent Disney trip.

“It was hard to keep tears from my eyes,” Jason recalls, explaining that being a father heightened his sense of empathy and compassion for Siobhan.

Jason wasn’t seeking recognition but was aiming to do what he thought was right as a person and as a father. He hopes to see Sara and Siobhan again and make even more moments like these happen for Guests.

A heartfelt story of one of our Guiding Philosophies in practice.
Published on
February 1, 2024
King's Seafood Company

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