Our Guiding Philosophies

We believe “Guest First”

We are Product Driven

Quality, Service, Consistency, and Value

We unconditionally guarantee our product and service

We recruit the best and recognize their contribution

Completing individual responsibility ensures ongoing team success

Our Stance on Sustainability

Our commitment to seafood sustainability is very clear.

We are...
  • Convinced that wild fisheries are unable to meet the world’s growing demand for nutritious seafood.
  • Financing scientific studies to help improve the understanding of the magnitude of the problem and possible solutions.
  • Working with various stakeholders (from ocean science to seafood business to government) to better define “sustainability” in terms that respect the diversity of our Guests’ interests and priorities.
  • Promoting aquaculture as the most responsible option for supplying the
    population with abundant, affordable, wholesome fish.

As a family-run company that has been in the restaurant business for more than 70 years, King’s Seafood Company knows that good environmental stewardship is good business. The company will not succeed if the ocean runs out of fish, and the company has every intention of thriving—along with an ocean full of fish.  We source all our fish from legally caught, well-managed fisheries and when we suspect otherwise, we remove the product from our menus.  
Sourcing sustainable seafood is complicated by the disagreement among experts about what is “sustainable.”  As a major seafood buyer and concerned company, we are active in this dialogue and work closely with our suppliers.  
The term “sustainability” can be difficult to define.  We subscribe to the definition developed by the United Nations:  “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  (Brundtland report entitled, “Our Common Future”)   We honor our passionate commitment to sustainability by working closely with all of our purveyors, participating in the Sustainable Seafood Forum at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and promoting the growth of the aquaculture industry. An expert team of respected aquaculture, ocean science, and social science advisors is providing recommendations to us that look at environmental, economic, nutritional, and social considerations of various seafood selections.
Some examples of our continued efforts are our support in oyster farming at the Wrigley Institute, support for the enhancements of the Aquarium, and our support and investment in KZO mussel farms off our local coast. 

Our Community Partners
We believe in supporting the communities we serve and initiatives we are passionate about.   Our crew and managers are an integral part of building those relationships with the community and giving back as much as we can.  

A few samples of what we believe in:
  • Aquarium of Pacific – Sam King sits on the board of the Aquarium to support
    the local, state and federal initiatives to protect the environment and the
    animals. We help educate and communicate to our Guests and crew whenever
    there are new or interesting facts about seafood.  

  • Blood Drive – our first partnership with the American Red Cross was to
    sponsor a blood drive was in 2015, and we continue to partner with them every year. We have saved over a hundred lives in our local community. Keep an eye out for our next event!   
  • Local charities – We donate over $400k gift certificates to local charities each
    year as a way to support the local community and outreach programs.  

  • Panel of Experts – Sam is frequently invited to sit on panels and speak on the
    current climate of seafood sustainability, truth in menu, and how we can get as close to the source as possible.  

  • University of Southern California – we have sponsored scholarships and
     supported the athletic department for over 20 years and in 2012 we started to
     partner with their Gateway Internship Program which we participate in each
Michael King on Aquaculture on THE FISH SITE

Sam King on Aquaculture, at The Aquarium of the Pacific's Aquatic Academy:
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