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Jose Luis Peraza
I started at King's Seafood Company 3 ½ years ago.  I worked with the King Signature Group at Ocean Avenue Seafood. I was hired as a kitchen supervisor and was offered the Sous chef position 3 months later. After the remodel of the restaurant I was part of the opening team of Water Grill Santa Monica, I was there for almost two years working under Chef Damon Gordon until the opportunity came up to become the Executive Kitchen Manager at King's Fish House, Calabasas.
I really enjoy working for this company because not only did they give me the opportunity to be a sous chef at the busiest signature restaurant in the company (with only 2 other restaurants under my belt) they gave me the opportunity to run the kitchen at the busiest Fish House in the company, which not a lot of companies will do. Moreover, I have the quality of life I never thought I would have working in the restaurant industry, and for that I am so very grateful. I am happy working for this company and hope to further my knowledge, development and growth.
~Jose Luis Peraza - Executive Kitchen Manager, King’s Fish House Calabasas
Alexandria Mathews
I was hired as a host and started in December of 2011 for the re-opening of Water Grill Los Angeles in January of 2012. My career path has been progressing ever since:  After 8 months, I began my server training; after 14 months, I began my supervisor training; after 1 year, I started the MIT program! I have been very lucky to have such supportive leaders in this restaurant and look forward to growing my career and being a strong leader for my crew.
I like working for the company because of the nurturing environment and the amount of support and opportunity that is given to people who want to grow.
I have learned so much about operations and I really feel like I can go as far as I want to with this company.
~Alexandria Mathews – Manager, Water Grill LA      
Brian Buonarti
I started with King's Seafood Company as a host at King Fish House in Carlsbad. I was excited to be with a company that thought highly of its crew and wanted us move upward. I soon became a food server and Weekend Bookkeeper. Within a year I had helped open 2 King Fish House's, Rancho Cucamonga and Corona, as a server trainer. Once I returned to Carlsbad I became a Supervisor. I knew when I opened the two restaurants I wanted to go into Management.
Within a couple of months of Supervising and learning how to be a great operator, I was then promoted to Manager. I worked in several King’s Fish Houses over the next couple of years: Laguna Hills, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Henderson, Mission Valley, and broadened more of my skills when I moved to King Signature Group, Lou & Mickey's. This is where I knew I wanted more for my career. I helped re-concept the Water Grill in Los Angeles, I helped at i.cugini in its final months, and I was part of the opening team of the newly re-modeled Water Grill.  
I became a Senior Manager and promoted to General Manager.   I had the privilege to work at Water Grill Santa Monica and spearhead a new developmental position for the company, Assistant General Manager.   Currently, I am back in Water Grill - Los Angeles as the sole General Manager and looking forward to the exciting future.
There is not one sole reason why I like working for the company; there are a variety of reasons. If I had to pick just one, it's the opportunity; to learn, teach, develop a new skill, express your observations, grow, move, advance your career, meet new people, and develop bonds with guests and the crew. It's not just one thing that makes this company great, it's all of these things together that make it great.
~Brian Buonarti - General Manager, Water Grill LA   
Bridgette Rivera
I started working for King's 4 years ago as a FOH supervisor and server.  I started at The 555 and moved up the ranks to Manager/Wine Manager at the The 555 and Ocean Avenue Seafood.  I was also a fill-in manager at Pine Avenue Fish House, and to my biggest accomplishment, I am currently the General Manager at Pier Burger.
I like working for King's for the opportunities it has provided me and because I truly enjoy what I do. In the last four years, I have been given the opportunity to mature as a leader and have met and impacted many individuals. In addition, KSC's reputation and philosophies are ones that I believe in. I am proud to be a part of a company that supports development, recognizes performance and is invested in my success. I remain enthusiastic about my growth and the future of King's Seafood Company.
~Bridgette Rivera - General Manager, Pier Burger