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A Day in the Life...
I first knew I wanted to work for King’s Seafood Company while on vacation with my wife in San Diego. We were exploring downtown and came across Water Grill San Diego when we decided to stop in for a drink. I remember thinking that this would be an amazing place to work. A few weeks later I came across a job posting, and I thought it was fate. I was offered aSenior Manager position for Lou & Mickey’s and my wife and I had always dreamed of living in San Diego, so we jumped at the opportunity.
During the early stages of my very thorough training and through my transition to Lou & Mickey’s I knew I made the right decision. I had never worked for a company that was so concerned about me. From training through development, I am given every opportunity to excel.

Christmas Eve I received a call from my Director of Operations offering me a chance to become the AssistantGeneral Manager of Water Grill San Diego. I overwhelmingly accepted and spent the next 13 months learning all things seafood. I turned what I thought was an excellent understanding of restaurant operations into what I now know as the best training I could have ever received.

Currently, I am the GeneralManager of Meat on Ocean in Santa Monica. I have helped transform one of our newest concepts into an industry leader in steak house innovation. I work in the most beautiful setting I could imagine and lead our remarkable crew to accomplish achievements that challenge every aspect of what I have learned. I look forward to every day and the challenges that my team will encounter. I could not be happier joining this amazing company.

Travis Robinson
– General Manager, Meat On Ocean
I started my career with King’s in March of 2010 as a Host at our King’s Fish House, Orange location. I worked my way up to Server, Server trainer, and then Front of theHouse Supervisor. While Supervising, I was given the opportunity to work with my Operations Team to roll out our King’s Way of Service to other fellow King’s restaurants.
Being able to travel to our fellow restaurants and be a part of inducting a new service standard put the stamp on my drive to be a Restaurant Manager. In 2014 I was offered aRestaurant Manager position at our King’s Fish House, Orange location. During my development as a Restaurant Manager, my Director and General Manager recognized my leadership potential and I spent 2 years working towards mySenior Management which I achieved in late 2016. In early February of 2017 I was offered a General Manager position at Fish Camp in Huntington Beach and was later promoted to my current position of General Manager at King’s Fish House,Huntington Beach. King’s has always given me the tools to be successful and I am proud to work for a company that gives its crewmembers the opportunities to achieve their goals.    

I enjoy working for King’s Seafood Company because they have always given me the opportunity and support to grow within the company. I am consistently being challenged and presented with new opportunities to help me succeed. I love working in an environment that has a strong cultural foundation and high standards, and King’s not only preaches but practices it day in and day out. King’s is a company that recognizes contributions and makes it known that your successes are valued. I am thankful for having the opportunity to work directly with our Operations Team and Home Office Support, it truly makes you feel you are working directly with family not just for a company.

Alyssa Clark
- General Manager, King's Fish House, Huntington Beach
I started as a server in Aug 2000 for Royale Brasserie, which is now Lou & Mickey’s.  While a server at Royale, I also became a weekend bookkeeper and supervisor.  I supervised for the first year Lou & Mickey’s was open and then moved into the management at King’s Fish House, Mission Valley in Jan 2003.  I worked in management for about 5 years, then left King’s briefly in January 2008 for another job that was outside of the restaurant business.
I came back in November 2008 as the full time bookkeeper for Lou & Mickey’s. In June 2011 I was asked to be one of the 4 that moved to Home Office to become a RegionalBookkeeper, where I did bookkeeping for 5 restaurants. In May 2015, I was given the opportunity to become the Executive Assistant to Sam King and the executive team.

I love so many things about this company.  First, is our commitment to recognizing crewmember’s contributions and the opportunities we provide for promotion.  Second, is the fact that it has always felt like a family to me, so much so, that when I left I was told if the new job doesn’t work out we expect to hear back from you- and they meant it. ThisNovember it will be 10 years back and a total of 18 years with this amazing company.  I have worked in many of our restaurants, in many positions and I have loved them all, but I truly feel likeI have found my place in my current position- I love what I do and I love who I work for- it is an amazing blessing to say that.  

Jennifer Brandt
- Executive Assistant, King's Seafood Company
I became a part of King Fish House, Calabasas 3 years ago. I was looking for a work place with more opportunity to grow and came across King Fish House and decided to take a chance and apply. From the very beginning, walking in and meeting management, seeing the fast-paced restaurant and friendly staff I knew this was the companyI belonged with. At first, I got hired as a line cook and quickly saw the opportunities for job advancement with hard work and dedication. I was promoted to Kitchen Supervisor, Kitchen Manager and now Executive Kitchen Manager.
As Executive Kitchen Manager I have learned a lot when it comes to running a restaurant as smooth as possible and treating my crewmembers with respect and empathy. I love the pressure this company puts on me because it motivates me to exceed expectations and goals. I am looking forward to many years with this company that doesn't treat you as just another crewmember but as family, and I am proud and honored to be with such an amazing company.

Gio Sanchez
Executive Kitchen Manager, King's Fish House, Calabasas